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Keep us steadfast in the path of Thine ardent love and enable us to abide within the precincts of Thy holiness.

Divine Providence

Glorified art Thou, O my God! I invoke Thee by Thy Most Great Name through which the hidden secrets of God, the Most Exalted, were divulged and the kindreds of all nations converged toward the focal centre of faith and certitude, through which Thy luminous Words streamed forth for the quickening of mankind and the essence of all knowledge was revealed from that Embodiment of bounty.

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May my life, my inmost being, my soul and my body be offered up as a sacrifice for the dust ennobled by His footsteps. I earnestly beg Thee, O Lord my God, by Thy most glorious Name whereby Thy sovereignty hath been established and the tokens of Thy might have been manifested, and whereby the oceans of life and of holy ecstasy have surged for the reviving of the mouldering bones of all Thy creatures and for the stirring of the limbs of such as have embraced Thy Cause—I earnestly beg Thee to graciously ordain for us the good of this world and of the next, to enable us to gain admission into the court of Thy mercy and loving-kindness and to kindle in our hearts the fire of joy and ecstasy in such wise that the hearts of all men may thereby be attracted.

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    Uploaded by papillon Document Information click to expand document information Description: A profound teaching on death and reconciliation including visions and messages dictated by Jesus to Catalina as well as her personal account coinciding with and concerning the deaths of her mother and brother within days of each other in June This book has a formal recommendation of the Archbishop Emeritus of Cochabamba.

    This book can give much hope and comfort to all people, for all experience during life the death of loved ones and all will ultimately experience death and a birth to eternal life. A reader of the book can also gain a deeper understanding of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick.

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    Attracted by him, from the very first centuries of Christianity, many men and women have left families, possessions, material riches and all that is humanly desirable in order to follow Christ generously and live the Gospel without compromise, which had become for them a school of deeply rooted holiness. Today too, many undertake this same demanding journey of evangelical perfection and realise their vocation in the profession of the evangelical counsels.

    Who can consider himself worthy to approach the priestly ministry?

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    • Who can embrace the consecrated life relying only on his or her own human powers? Once again, it is useful to reiterate that the response of men and women to the divine call, whenever they are aware that it is God who takes the initiative and brings His plan of salvation to fulfilment, is never patterned after the timid self-interest of the worthless servant who, out of fear, hid the talent entrusted to him in the ground cf. Lk Jn And it was from the cross, that Jesus, while dying, gave her to us as Mother and entrusted us to her as sons and daughters cf.

      Jn ; she is especially the Mother of priests and consecrated persons.