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That shouldn't take more than another day or two. Hopefully the rewrite doesn't take too long.

They usually don't on Menaces -- or Destroyers before them -- since I rewrite heavily as I go along. This one might be different since I'd set the first two-thirds or so aside for a year before I got back to it. That's not the same as attacking a book all at once, so it might take more work to rewrite than I'd like it to. We'll see. But the worst of the work should be over.

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Red Menace fans rejoice. After setting the unfinished manuscript aside for over a year, I am finally back to work and finishing up The Red Menace 6, Red Devil. I don't know if there will be more adventures of Podge Becket and Dr. Thaddeus Wainwright after this one I do have a few ideas that I may never get to , but there will be at least a 6.

What a terrific way to start the day.

I've groused around these parts about Amazon indiscriminately gutting my review totals. I assume Bezos needs to free up space for all those groin photographs which, unlike his billions of dollars, really attract the chicks. Well, a great big thanks to Rob Robinson, who has singlehandedly attempted to reverse the trend by posting reviews for several of my Red Menace novels.

Here's a sample:.

I am a huge, huge fan of the Destroyer well, most of them because some are written by people who had no idea about the characters and obviously did not care. There were several different authors, though, so it is inevitable that I would like one better than another. The original authors were terrific, of course, but without a dou When that job came to an end, the talented Mr.

Mullaney turned his attention to other matters but luckily for us one of those matters was the creation of a new, unique character called the Red Menace. If you took a pulp hero from the 30's and transplanted him in the 's, you could not do better than Mr. Mullaney has done with the Red Menace. And if you want the witty, biting back-and-forth dialogue that was so delightful in the Destroyer books, you get a Red Menace version in these books that is understandably different but still as good.

These books are not to be read seriously. They were not written that way, I imagine, and to treat them as such would be to miss the point. They are over-the-top pulp adventures that are meant as fun and live up to that.

Here's our latest Pulp Pulpit column, an interview with author James Mullaney! Who knows? It's Chinatown, Jake. But it does send the old good mood into a tailspin to see the already sluggish review tallies suddenly go in reverse.

See a Problem?

Some of you have heeded the call, some have meant to but haven't gotten around to it. If you've read and enjoyed these or any of my books but have not yet reviewed them, it'd do an author good if you'd head on over to Amazon and do so posthaste. Seeing a review total of 25 drop to 24 for some unknown reason does tend to put one in the crappiest of crap-tacular moods.

Thanks as well to Lonnie Hancock, whose kind review of the very first Red Menace has brought us up to the magic Unfortunately, I have now read that the magic number is 40 reviews, so if you need me I'll be up on the roof attempting to fly with an anvil tied around my neck.

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Thanks to the mysterious Rick G, who so successfully masked his identity that I have no idea who he is, for his review of The Red Menace 1, Red and Buried. I made the announcement the other day that The Red Menace has a new publisher. It's a new day, so here's different link.

Red and Buried is out of stock at Amazon no more. The new edition of the paperback, larger size, is available there now. More Menace news to come. Big, big news for The Red Menace. The first book is now available in an all-new larger size papeback from Bold Venture Press. This book has essentially been out of print for two years, and only availabe as an ebook.

Not so any longer. The subsequent four books in the series have never been available in paperback. We will hopefully be moving forward on those soon. And if all goes well and I somehow find the time, we are looking at -- drumroll, please -- future, all-new installments of the adventures of Podge Becket and Dr. Happy days are here again, Menace fans.

Here are this week’s Collections coming to Ye Olde Comic Shoppe.

A few months back, readers over on the Destroyer page were asked to post questions that I would answer and post at my Web site. Some good questions were submit They were, of course, immediately lost. Maybe they're still out there online somewhere. I don't know. I do know that I don't have them, and that my Morlocks who might have them have apparently abandoned this sinking ship.

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