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Although she was denied a funeral Mass by Cardinal Maurice Feltin because of her lifestyle, [24] her funeral procession drew tens of thousands [1] of mourners onto the streets of Paris and the ceremony at the cemetery was attended by more than , fans. Since , the French media have continuously published magazines, books, television specials and films about the star often coinciding with the anniversary of her death. Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Georgievna Karachkina named a small planet, Piaf, in her honor. Jean-Baptiste Church in Belleville, Paris , the parish into which she was born.

The following titles are compilations of Piaf's songs, and not reissues of the titles released while Piaf was active. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Belleville , Paris , France. Plascassier , Grasse , France.

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Jacques Pills m. Cabaret Torch songs Chanson Musical theatre. Jacques Louis Gassion 8. Louise Hyacinthe Daravant 4.

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Victor Alphonse Gassion Jacques Duval 9. Augustine Duval Marie Blin 2. Louis Alphonse Gassion Auguste Hyppolyte Descamps Jeanne Campagne 5. Alexandrine Sophie Debout 1. Unknown Stanislas Maillard Unknown 6. Unknown 3. Annetta Giovanna Maillard Mohamed Ben Mohamed Ajoh Ben Ali 7. Giuseppe Bracco Marguerite Bracco Padam, padam Jiteau Chanson de Catherine Chanson bleue Je hais les dimanches.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was also awarded with the Oscar mundial du success du disque for drawing the most international sales by a French artist in , and Dalida named her fourteenth studio album after it. The world tour was prolonged into only with several short breaks.

The tour's French leg started on 11 April , after which Dalida traveled 30, kilometers solely by car during its five-month run, with a public attendance over , The tour was emulated with concert residency in Olympia two days later when Dalida and other celebrities; Charles Aznavour , Francoise Hardy , Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan , were brought to the Olympia's entrance by the same drivers on their roofless trucks, making a parade alongside the streets of Paris. During the television transmission of the crowd at the entrance, a teenage fan said: "We can hardly wait for her [Dalida] to appear, we've been screaming for an hour and the atmosphere is so crazy", on which the reporter turned to the camera: "the whole Paris came to see [parade], only in front of Olympia there are at least 2, people waiting in the street".

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The song was rushed into release and swiftly became hit at the end of the year, earning Dalida another gold disc, the first in two years since "Le jour le plus long". Dalida was awarded with a platinum disc for surpassing sales of over 10 million records since her debut in Delivering new performances at Bobino and Tete de l'Art in following months, she was in top ten in France and Belgium with a cover of Rita Pavone's "Viva la pappa" that gained Dalida huge interest among children's public.

France-Antilles reported "Only the President of the Republic had ovation of this scale, during his visit in March ". In June , Dalida recorded "La danse de Zorba", a song from comedy movie Zorba the Greek , which became her biggest international success since "24 mille baisers" in early The song once again brought Dalida to seven international charts, entering the top three in six and topping in two countries. During summer, Dalida performed in Morocco and Algeria, played supportive role in Italian comedy movie Menage all'italiana, alongside Ugo Tognazzi and then debutante Romina Power, and released one of her first records in single format Wenn die Soldaten.

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In October, the song "Il silenzio" came out on the fourth EP of the year. It was also a chart-topping hit in Europe, Canada and Latin America, reaching number one in France and Italy, where it was the best selling record of the year beating "La danse de Zorba" and receiving a gold disc.

Until the end of year, they produced the successful Italian album Pensiamoci ogni sera and three more EPs. On the contrary, Bang Bang was the number one hit in Argentina and Italy where it was also the best selling record of the year. Dalida also returned to wide screen, with a supportive role in French satiric movie La Morale de l'histoire that included the unreleased song "Je sortirais sans toi". She was then introduced to a new avant-garde cantautor Luigi Tenco as they also retrospectively sang "La danza di zorba" in duet.

Later in September, her Italian managers suggested that she participate with Tenco at the next Sanremo Music Festival.

Although in previous years she declined the festval, she accepted this time as she was in a relationship with Tenco. With Mama in January , Dalida had success in France and Turkey, and was back on top of Italian charts later the same year. Under the influence of stage fright and alcohol, Tenco delivered a very bad interpretation while Dalida concluded the evening with ovation, but eventually they were eliminated in the first round.

The following night ended tragically when Tenco was found dead by Dalida in their hotel room. It was reported that the suicide letter explained how he committed suicide due to elimination, as protest to hoax and bribed jury, but the major suspicion emerged how actually the mafia was involved. The following week on 7 February, she appeared on TV show Palmares des chansons dedicating her rendition of "Parlez moi de lui" to Tenco.

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Wearing the same dress she wore when she found his body, the performance was highly sentimental but she showed nothing of a verging depression. On 26 February, Dalida attempted to commit suicide, ended up in a hospital and spent five days in a coma. Her career was put on hiatus for three months.

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Returning to television on 8 June, on the verge of tears she made her first TV appearance after four months interpreting "Les grilles de ma maison", a cover of Tom Jones' " Green, green grass of home ". The late summer period brought re-release of "Hava naguila", and a new recording "Je reviens the chercher", the French version of "Son tornata da te" by Tenco. On the night of 5 October, Dalida premiered her third Olympia concert residency which ran for a month. She was nicknamed Saint Dalida by the press.

The new Dalida is born! After competing for four months at Canzonissima , then the most popular TV show in Italy, in January Dalida won with "Dan dan dan" that reached number two in Italy. The movie was a minor success, but as it was filmed in colour and several of her new songs appeared in, it provided critically acclaimed music video for her latest Italian chart topper and gold certified L'ultimo valzer.

With more than live performances it was Dalida's longest tour up to that moment and, as a part of it, in summer she participated in a popular Italian summer festival Cantagiro and won the main prize. It was an instant number one hit with a fair chart performance in several other countries, eventually being recorded in two more languages. With an issue in single format, "Le temps des fleurs" also announced the end of a long EP era. During same event, Dalida became a Parisian citizen of honor, receiving the Medal of the city of Paris by Paris Council , and was also named the Godmother of Montmartre pulbots, the old name for poor children of the quartier where she lived.

Spending on tour and private travelings to India, Dalida released several less successful recordings like "Zoum zoum zoum", "L'an " and "Les violons de mon pays", all poorly promoted on TV and radio attracting some success in Turkey and France. Dalida and her brother Orlando were already planning for some time to form their own record house as a vehicle to release and to control her musical output.

Dalida's last record released under Barclay label was Concerto pour une voix , an EP released on 15 April Their first record Darla dirladada was also the first success of a very long series. Already played on radios for a month, the Greek folklore song was released as single on July It was a moderate sales success, but it won her second Radio Luxembourg award.

In October , Dalida intended to book herself at Olympia for her big Parisian comeback after four years. Bruno Coquatrix did not believe in her change of style and refused to produce the show so Dalida rented and paid the venue by herself. Seeing the success, Coquatrix offered "Dali" to return whenever she wants "without having to pay a single cent". Premiere night was both recorded on video and as live album Olympia 71 , published a year later alongside Il faut du temps , while the video was first issued in She continued to choose her new songs only for their poetic value, but still paid less attention to their commercial promotion, again traveling to Asia to develop a better understanding of herself.

She shaped her early s image without even trying Peaking at number two and with over one-half million copies sold, it became a gross hit in France by the end of year and received gold certificate. In the late , Dalida recorded duet "Paroles In the song, a man offers a woman "caramels, bonbons et chocolat" and repeats "que tu es belle" how beautiful are you , to what she answers with "paroles, paroles" words, words indicating that his words are nothing but hollow. Receiving a triple gold certification, [31] it also spawned a dozen of international covers, inspiring foreign singers to record it in their native languages.

Dalida and Delon never made together a TV performance for the song, but Dalida alone did made several TV appearances for it, and during concerts with his voice in playback. In the future decades, "Paroles paroles" went on to become one of most famous French songs of all time and a signature track of both Dalida and music of France.

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In late July, Dalida released another song that went to become her signature track: "Je suis malade" "I am sick". The writer of the song Serge Lama recorded and released it earlier that year, but it did not receive any attention until it was spotted by Dalida who later mentioned: "when I saw it on television for the first time, I cried and I knew I have to record it".

Dalida's intention to popularize Lama rather than getting a profit from song made her issue it as a B-side to single "Vado via". Dalida's gestures and facial expressions while performing "Je suis malade" were a natural expression of her personal connection to lyrics that deal with abandonment and despair. The renditions of the song during the future years left a huge impact on French society and shaped an image of Dalida, described by Vanity Fair as "ultimate drama queen".

By the end of , Dalida released the promotional single A-side Il venait d'avoir 18 ans with B side Non ce n'est pas pour moi.

In that same time, she released the album Julien that gathers most of her songs. The song Il venait d'avoir 18 ans quickly started gaining success and it was again released in the beginning of but as B-side to single A-side Gigi l'amoroso. Il venait d'avoir 18 ans peaked number 3 in Quebec, [34] number 4 in Belgium, [99] number 13 in Germany, [23] ' [] and number 37 [] in Italy while Gigi l'amoroso beat the record held by Frank Sinatra 's Strangers in the Night from for the most sold single in Benelux and charted number 4 in France and number 1 in Switzerland, [] number 2 in Netherlands, [] number 1 in county of Flanders , number 3 in Quebec, number 2 in Spain [49] and number 59 in Italy.

The first performance of both songs was during her concerts in Olympia The whole four weeks were sold out and a triumph for the singer and was followed again with a live album Olympia Touring from to would follow this period of unprecedented sales.