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He said, if I were still strong enough to bring him a lion, he would keep me, but he well knows that I cannot do that.

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The fox said, "I will help you. Just lie down, stretch out as if you were dead, and do not stir. The horse did what the fox asked, and then the fox went to the lion, who had his den not far off, and said, "A dead horse is lying out there.

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Just come with me, and you can have a rich meal. The lion went with him, and when they were both standing by the horse the fox said, "After all, it is not very comfortable for you here -- I tell you what -- I will fasten it to you by the tail, and then you can drag it into your cave and eat it in peace. This advice pleased the lion. He positioned himself, and in order that the fox might tie the horse fast to him, he kept completely quiet. But the fox tied the lion's legs together with the horse's tail, and twisted and fastened everything so well and so strongly that no amount of strength could pull it loose.

When he had finished his work, he tapped the horse on the shoulder and said, "Pull, white horse, pull!

Märchen der Niederlande

Then up sprang the horse at once, and pulled the lion away with him. The lion began to roar so that all the birds in the forest flew up in terror, but the horse let him roar, and drew him and dragged him across the field to his master's door. When the master saw the lion, he was of a better mind, and said to the horse, "You shall stay with me and fare well. Translated by Margaret Hunt Translation revised and corrected by D. The Grimms' source: the von Haxthausen family.

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Link to a separate file of this tale: The Fox and the Horse by the Grimm brothers. Return to the table of contents. Reynard Wants to Taste Horseflesh Norway One day the bear was lying eating a horse which he had killed. Reynard was about again and came slinking along, his mouth watering for a tasty bit of the horseflesh.

He sneaked in and out and round about till he came up behind the bear, when he made a spring to the other side of the carcass, snatching a piece as he jumped across. The bear was not slow either. He made a dash after Reynard and caught the tip of his red tail in his paw. Since that time the fox has always had a white tip to his tail. Before long the fox found a horse lying asleep on a sunny hillside, and so he did as the bear had told him. He knotted and tied himself well to the horse with the hair of the tail and then fastened his teeth into his thigh.

Up jumped the horse and began to kick and gallop, so that Reynard was dashed against stock and stone, and was so bruised and battered that he nearly lost his senses. The hare sat up on his hind legs and laughed till the sides of his mouth split right up to his ears, at the thought of Reynard having such a grand ride; but since then the fox has never thought of catching horses again. That time it was Bruin who for once had the better of Reynard. Otherwise, they say the bear is as simple minded as the trolls. Fox and Wolf Netherlands A fox and a wolf found an old horse in a mire. They wanted to take it with them and asked one another how they might manage.

The fox said, "You are the strongest. Tie the horse's tail around your body and pull, while I prod the horse with a stick.

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That happened, and soon the horse was out of the mud, but it then ran off with the wolf tied to its tail. Finally the wolf succeeded in breaking loose, and he and the fox continued on their way, but without the horse.

Cox-Leick's and Cox's source: G. Boekenoogen, Volkskunde , vol. Collected in Beilen, province of Drente. Translated by D. The type 47A episode given above is part of a longer tale.

Link to the entire tale Fox and Wolf. Looking for products and services? English Deutsch.

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