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It is to this inquiry that Jean Gribenski's article seems to refer. Alten further writes that Jewish students of the Conservatoire were excluded from participating in the final examinations in , under pressure from the Vichy Government. Jacques Chailley has published many outstanding works, both on Greek and medieval music, on the Passions , the chorales for organ and The Art of Fugue by J. Bach, the Carnaval by Schumann, Tristan by Wagner. He was also the author of several books on harmony and its history, the question of modality , as well as an important history of multi-volume music and popular works.

Jacques Chailley's musicological work comprises 53 books and diverse articles. Among his main works are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tours: Van de Velde. Musurgia, vol XIX, in French. Revue de musicologie, 85, 1 in French.

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These refutations were published before the article by Jean Gribenski, who does not however mention them in his book of A ka sedimentary record from a small karstic lake in the Northern Levant Yammouneh, Lebanon : Paleoclimatic implications. Gasse, F. Hydrological variability in the Northern Levant: a ka multi-proxy record from the Yammouneh Lebanon sedimentary sequence. Past 7 , Jomelli, V. Irregular tropical glacier retreat over the Holocene epoch driven by progressive warming. Nature , Montaggioni, L.

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Revisiting the Quaternary development history of the western New Caledonian shelf system: From ramp to barrier reef. Marine Geology , Romero, O. Millennial variability and long-term changes of the diatom production in the eastern equatorial Pacific during the last glacial cycle. S eard, C. Sepulcre, S.

Sous le soleil des Andes (ROMAN) (French Edition)

Soulet, G. Black Sea "Lake" reservoir age evolution since the Last Glacial- Hydrologic and climatic implications. Earth and Planetary Science Letters , A revised calendar age for the last reconnection of the Black Sea to the global ocean. Stenni, B. Expression of the bipolar see-saw in Antarctic climate records during the last deglaciation. Nature Geosci 4 , Tachikawa, K. The precession phase of hydrological variability in the Western Pacific Warm Pool during the past ka. Arzhannikov, S. Quaternary Science Reviews 49 , Blanchet, C. Influence of diagenesis on the stable isotopic composition of biogenic carbonates from the Gulf of Tehuantepec oxygen minimum zone.

Camoin, G. Facies 58 , Geology 40 , Quaternary Science Reviews 53 , Darnault, R. Timing of the last deglaciation revealed by receding glaciers at the Alpine-scale: impact on mountain geomorphology. Quaternary Science Reviews 31 , D eschamps, P. Ice-sheet collapse and sea-level rise at the Bolling warming 14, years ago. Felis, T. Pronounced interannual variability in tropical South Pacific temperatures during Heinrich Stadial 1.

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Nat Commun 3 , Graven, H. Changing controls on oceanic radiocarbon: New insights on shallow-to-deep ocean exchange and anthropogenic CO 2 uptake. Ivanova, E. Precession forcing of productivity in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific during the last glacial cycle. Quaternary Science Reviews 40 , Lacan, F. Neodymium isotopic composition of the oceans: A compilation of seawater data. Chemical Geology , Menot, G. A precise search for drastic temperature shifts of the past 40, years in southeastern Europe. Paleoceanography 27 , PA Influence of CO2 and nitrogen limitation on the coccolith volume of Emiliania huxleyi Haptophyta.

Biogeosciences 9 , Parrenin, F. Past 8 , Rinterknecht, V. Late Quaternary ice sheet extents in northeastern Germany inferred from surface exposure dating. Quaternary Science Reviews 44 , Shakun, J.

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Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation. Sisavath, E. Sedimentary Geology , Thomas, A. Assessing subsidence rates and paleo water-depths for Tahiti reefs using U—Th chronology of altered corals. Marine Geology — , Deglacial mesophotic reef demise on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Earth Syst. Data 5 , — Ohkushi, K. Quantified intermediate water oxygenation history of the NE Pacific: A new benthic foraminiferal record from Santa Barbara basin. Paleoceanography 28 , Pretet, C.

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Reimer, P. Selection and treatment of data for radiocarbon calibration: An update to the international calibration IntCal criteria. Rostek, F. Hydrological changes in eastern Europe during the last 40, yr inferred from biomarkers in Black Sea sediments. Quaternary Research 80 , Sanchez Goni, M. Air-sea temperature decoupling in western Europe during the last interglacial-glacial transition.

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Nature Geosci 6 , Sanchi, L. An automated purification method for archaeal and bacterial tetraethers in soils and sediments. Organic Geochemistry 54 , Schouten, S. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 14 , Seard, C. Impact of environmental parameters on coral reef development and drowning: Forward modelling of the last deglacial reefs from Tahiti French Polynesia; IODP Expedition Sedimentology 60 , Abrupt drainage cycles of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , Su, X. Global and Planetary Change , Microscale neodymium distribution in sedimentary planktonic foraminiferal tests and associated mineral phases. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta , Tudryn, A. Quaternary International , Winkler, R. Interannual variation of water isotopologues at Vostok indicates a contribution from stratospheric water vapor. Barboni, D. Vegetation of Northern Tanzania during the Plio-Pleistocene: A synthesis of the paleobotanical evidences from Laetoli, Olduvai, and Peninj hominin sites.

Quaternary International — , Beaufort, L. Chapter 2 : Setting the scene: the importance of carbon in the ocean.

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In: Laffoley, D. Persistent millennial-scale link between Greenland climate and northern Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone under interglacial conditions. Past 10 , Engel, Z.