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Last One Standing. Elemental Flame. Karen Lynch. Maggie Shayne. These were only the existing stories, obviously, but Edge of Destruction was presumably included. I know the focus of the blog is on UK culture and fandom, but by , the shift in fandom towards being international was already beginning. Fans in the US were reading the New Adventures roughly as they came out, and rec. It was before this reached critical mass, but as I understand from the DVD documentary on the subject, even before then there were tape-trading rings set up in the UK fed by imported copies of tapes from Australia which put some of these stories into circulation before their VHS release in the UK.

You're two posts ahead of me with the rec. I mean, Edge of Destruction wasn't a functional missing story or anything, but it's also not something a casual fan can just grab. Vince Foster committed suicide Then how do you explain the fact that his body was shrunken to doll size? I thought "Timewyrm: Apocalypse" was appallingly dull, thin, and bland, so I was impressed with the tremendous improvement shown in "Birthright.

Feel every word with award-winning performances

BTW, at the time, I thought "Iceberg" had some very good character development for the character of Ruby, much of whose story seemed like it came out of an entirely different, perhaps non-SF book; too bad the Cybermen did not get any of that good characterization. And IMO weirder and better there than in later appearances; in Iceberg I got the impression it was another TARDIS exterior, attached to the same interior dimensions, but entirely seperate from the police box, because why shouldn't it be? It was around this time that I developed my theory that the TARDIS interior stays where it is, in some pocket universe or something, and just moves the police box [and the pagoda] around.

Later writers seemed to make it an escape capsule, which I found less interesting. Both were dreary slogs that drained all power and wit from the stories.


It's probably only got a novella's worth of plot, but it's hardly the first time Who's been guilty of padding. The idea of the base being designed to reverse a pole-shift seemed like a good, concrete setting rather than a more generic one, and I think the Cybermen are surprisingly chilling, given that David Banks was best known for standing around saying "Excellent! That, for me, was enough to make it the best Cyberstory since Troughton. Where does it come from? Is there any hope of true friendship between seniors and freshman?

And what about the boy in the barn? Tyrell and Tiffany are back in the last book of The Birthright Series. Ty and Tiff want to be together, but between her parents and his ex-girlfriend, Sheila, who still has her eye on Ty, their relationship seems doomed from the start. And now Ty is having disturbing dreams like the ones that led him and his Blue Group friends to the rescue of Dawna. Jacci is also author of the middle grade books in The Finding Home Series.