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The committed enterprise : making vision, values and branding work. All rights reserved. Remember me on this computer. Cancel Forgot your password? Showing all editions for 'The committed enterprise : making vision, values, and branding work'. Year 1 4 9 4 3 Language English. Values mean nothing unless they are stated, embodied, and lived, which is actually a significant commitment.

They obviously wanted to have the opportunity to grow without stress.

Ethical Branding: A Guide For Creating More Ethical Brands

But as people and as a culture, we value calm, unstressed decision making even in the face of pressure. We also value constant improvement and growth.

The committed enterprise : making vision, values, and branding work (Book, ) []

So our motto and our values were chosen to reflect who we are as people and how we can add value to our customers. They want a purpose and a group to belong to! The first being that they aligned with the personal values of both my co-founder and myself, and so it was the natural way to go.

We then chose them through constant, open and honest conversations about what was important to us and how we wanted Outlaw to be. These core values were then fixed once we reached a mutual agreement. We define these core values by embedding them into everything we do, even in our product itself as described in my previous email. To begin the process, we gathered input from major stakeholders on what they considered to be the virtues and values of the company. Questions we considered include: What makes the RingPartner culture special?

What type of people do we love to recruit? What attitudes and behaviors shine the most at RingPartner? How do we elevate our peers?

The Committed enterprise : making vision, values, and branding work

Feedback to these types of questions was pulled into a master list, which was whittled down to four common themes that eventually were transformed into succinct phrases: Raise the Tide, Drive Forward, Be Courageous, and Be REDiculous. We focused on values that made everyone say, That! Once we identified the four concepts listed above we fleshed each one out to have context and real life examples of how anyone on the team could exemplify the core values. Our core values encompass trying new things to expand our comfort zones and foster growth, being considerate of how your actions effect on the work of others, pushing forward through challenging projects in seek of solutions, and celebrating our wins and successes along the way.

At RingPartner, core values are tied into performance reviews, providing every team member with a chance to specify how the core values are reflected in their work. We also share regular team shout-outs to highlight when someone has done a stellar job of embodying one of our core values.

The Committed Enterprise: Making Vision, Values, and Branding Work

But how do you establish those values for your company? It starts with your personal values. I always saw the value of diversity and I knew from the beginning that I wanted Badger Maps to consist of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, which is why we hire across the nation and internationally. We are committed to advancing both gender and racial diversity and prioritize fostering a culture that allows our employees to feel comfortable and welcome in the space.

Focusing on hiring a diverse team gives us an advantage in customer success. We have customers and prospects of different cultures who speak languages other than English. This allows employees to exercise their creativity, which leads to innovation. Besides diversity, autonomy and inclusion, appreciation is also key to employee satisfaction in my opinion. By recognizing the things I personally value the most as founder and CEO — which is diversity, appreciation, inclusion and autonomy among others — I naturally shaped the culture toward these values and implemented processes that foster an environment that I see as my dream work place.

When thinking about your values, ask yourself what your personal dream work environment and team would look like and how everyone would interact and work together. Also take a look at your current work culture and team members and what defines your culture and ways of communication. How would you describe the values at your business right now? What makes working there unique? Every business naturally develops its own culture and you have to take a deep look at what that culture contains and how you can define it on paper. If everyone identifies with your values, they become part of the daily culture and interactions and ultimately, lead to a stronger and more motivated team that helps you grow your business.

What drives them each day and makes them happy. You can do this by asking key members of your organization to recreate the best version of your organization. Our values are currently listed on our website.

How did we choose our current values? We too, want to bring a sense of creativity and passion to everything we do at Blueboard. We want to empower our teams to think big, take risks, and learn from failures, otherwise we might get left behind in the dust. Values should be actionable, digestible i. As much as it may be your company, if you have staff that you value and want to keep hold of, you should consider their opinion in what core values the business should have; they are there every day, just like you are.

What is it for them that makes a great company culture? What do they think a business should value in terms of ethics, rewards and personality? Would they rather have a formal dress code or be able to wear what they want? It will also be beneficial when hiring new employees, too, because you will be able to evaluate them on whether they would be good cultural fit based on these values.

Doing this will help to define you as the brand that your target audience will want to shop or do business with. This will encourage your customer service department to be as friendly as possible, your sales representatives to be as informative and helpful as possible, etc. It also helps to establish a tone of voice throughout your business, from your website content to how your employees should dress and communicate to the customers.

4 Techniques for Crafting a Mission Statement Worth Remembering

The reason why every company should have these values is clear: you want to attract and hire people that embrace them, not just accept them, otherwise you will get conflicts within teams or departments rather quickly. And, while technical conflicts or conflicts about how to solve a problem can be discussed, a conflict in values often is not fixable.

They live and breathe the same values. For example, if a company has the core value of punctuality they need to hire people that arrive on time for interviews, that return post-interview calls on time, etc. If they hire someone that tends to be 10 minutes late to meetings and 2 days late with projects it will drive everybody crazy. Knowing your values allows you to hire the right people, which allows for more efficiency within the business.

What is Branding?

That leads to cost savings, which can mean higher profits or lower pricing to attract more customers. At the end of the day, not only do we want to provide consumers with all-natural and cruelty-free personal care products, we want to educate consumers in regards to the importance of all-natural and cruelty-free personal care. This is important to us because as nice as it is to build a company that employs and provides for a wealth of individuals and their families, being able to accomplish something greater and having a positive effect on the country at large is even more valuable to us.

Our ripple effect is represented by educating people and raising awareness in the hopes that cruelty-free and all-natural personal care becomes the norm and not an occasional exception.