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Gift Registry. Catherine of Siena is recognized as one of the most remarkable mystical theologians of the Middle Ages.


She was also a stigmatist, counsellor of popes and is one of only three women to be made a Doctor of the Church. The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena treats of the whole spiritual life of man in the form of a series of colloquies between the Eternal Father and the human soul represented by Catherine herself.

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  • The structure of the Dialogue is unusual: the saint makes four petitions to God - for herself, for the Church, for the whole world, and for the assurance of God's providence in all things. The rest of the book is devoted to God's response to these four petitions. The Dialogue of the Seraphic Virgin St.

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    turisticnakmetijaslemensek.si/sites/default/files/354/qyjo-come-sapere-se.html Saint Catherine of Siena , Giuliana Cavallini. Catherine was a mystic whose plunge into God plunged her deep into the affairs of society, Church and the souls of all who came under her influence.

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    • Her Dialogue has been called a great tapestry to which Catherine adds stitch upon stitch until she is satisfied that she has communicated all she can of what she has learned of the way of God. Six centuries after her death, we live in a time so badly in need of her sense of institutional reform as flowing from Divine truth, love and charity.

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      In the opening pages Catherine presents a series of questions or petitions to God the Father, each of which receives a response and amplification. There is the magnificent symbolic portrayal of Christ as the bridge. There are specific discussions of discernment, tears true and false spiritual emotion , truth, the sacramental heart 'mystic body' of the Church, divine providence, obedience.