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Again, they are a factor but not a sole decision making priority. These were all subjective choices on my part, and feel free to tell me how wrong or right you think I am, and we can all learn something from how you interpret these ten worst states for preppers….

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California sucks for preppers…and Americans. In fact, they should be reminded of the fact that they are a part of America, but that will probably trigger the snowflakes living there or something. There is a lot of good about California. Sorry folks, find another place to settle down in. I mean, in some parts of the state, being well prepared for disaster is extremely important.

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And that my friends, is exactly why Florida is on this list. Florida Man is just one of the many reasons to avoid Florida. Courtesy wptv.

Most of the time, no one actually expects the S to HTF on that particular day.

Think about it. We are all prepping for disaster , but in Florida, disaster can be a way of life. A big part of prepping is staying away from where you might have make use of your disaster gear. Being prepared is nice. Not having your home destroyed every couple years is nicer. Or sinkholes. Or stupid gun laws. The Florida Man meme exists for a reason. The reasonable prepper wants to avoid social disruption as much as they want to avoid natural disaster.

High crime, unstable people, and the occasional bomb making nutter are all things to avoid. Is Florida a nice state? Sure…to visit. Find a better state to live. Maybe they should disarm their own legislature first? Which is really a shame, most of the state has a lot going for it otherwise. But do you want to live in a state with….

There are lots of rural areas, beautiful countryside, and some great mountains and forests. Unfortunately, the state is controlled by the authoritarian left politics directed from New York City. Take New York. Combine it with California. Add in a healthy dose of pretentious left wing holier than thou snobbery. Ban a bunch of guns for no rational reason except for how they look, or some arbitrary magazine capacity that gives the cultured classes of Boston the vapors. Massachusetts offers all these charming benefits to a prepper, and more…. Massachusetts is a beautiful state, with some of the prettiest places in the country to visit during the fall.

It is full of historical locations crucial to the formation of the United States. The Founders would be ashamed. Do you like the right to keep and bear arms?

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Do you like living in a state without crazy taxes, a borderline tyrannical government, insane traffic, and a fondness for violating civil rights just because it is the progressive thing to do that month? Crazy lefties though will love it and feel right at home. Maryland is an unamerican paradise offering the following joys and wonders….

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Maryland is a state notable for overhyped crab cakes, and over liberal policies. It has little to offer the prepper, save a good example of where not to live. It is the perfect place to not move to, and ideal for not spending money in. These East Coast states keep popping up in the list. And for good reason. They are terrible places if you are into civil liberties, a self reliant way of life, truth, justice, the American way, and in the case of New Jersey, pumping your own gas. New Jersey and their leftist allies brag up some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

And we all know what kind of corruption goes on in New Jersey. So what makes New Jersey unattractive to the prepper?


How about…. Look, there are probably a lot of great things about New Jersey if you look deep enough.

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Like the people, beaches, and winter weather. Never mind. From winter Atlantic storms to overcrowded places everywhere, oppressive state government, insane gun laws, high taxes, and being very close to other unpleasant places to live, why bother with New Jersey? Colorado seems like a great state for the prepper, right? Kingwood parents had to walk through high water to get their children out of Kids in Action day care, located off Woodland Hills. The day care told KPRC2 that about 40 children were on the second floor until their parents were able to get to them.

Click here to check rainfall totals in your area. Around p. Weather officials said wind gusts of up to 60 mph and quarter-sized hail were possible with the storm.

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The river was forecasted to rise above flood stage by Tuesday night. Alert Houston told people in the area to avoid the river. The river is forecasted to rise above flood stage by this evening. People in the area should avoid the river as it rises. Authorities encouraged drivers to turn around if they encounter flooded roads and to report flooded areas to local law enforcement agencies. Showers and thunderstorms are expected to continue through the night and into Wednesday.