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Some joke her nickname actually comes from her bust size. Don't tease her about this.

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Future GPX Cyber Formula has the Zero Realm, a type of Super Mode in which is a representation of having their limits surpassed by reading other drivers' thoughts, seeing a bit of the future and predicting other drivers' movements. Hayato, Shinjyo and Kaga have all entered the Zero Realm. The pilot of Wing Zero, Heero Yuy, is also an example, being the "zero" in the numerical theme naming.

The first Gundam to appear in Gundam 00 is the 0 Gundam. The titular Gundam also have a catalyst unit, the 0-Raiser. If the 00 Gundam and 0-Raiser combine, they'll form the 00 Raiser, a mecha whose abilities are never seen before with any of the Gundams that appeared before it. The full designation of the 00 Gundam is GN 00 Gundam. Iris Zero. Who actually is the heroic Zero just mentioned. Mind Screw for , please. In Loveless , a series chock full of meaningful pair names , there are two teams called Zero — one whose members are both boys, and one who are both girls.

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They are called the Zero series because they are Artificial Humans who cannot feel pain, and, in theory, are undefeatable - but the creation process denies them the individuality of a unique name, and everyone so altered will always be named Zero. Chachazero of Mahou Sensei Negima! Laments the fact that her master's gone soft these days. Note that the first trailers had the title rendered as "Mai-Otome Sif l " before they got around to fixing it. Zero in Mamotte!

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Lollipop goes with the rest of the Numerical Theme Naming. Awfully subverted in one of the Mazinger Z spin-offs. It happened in the spin-off, after Kouji crossed the Despair Event Horizon. He got in Mazinger-Z and fought like a relentless, raging The Berserker , fueling Mazinger's consciousness with a stream of negative emotions -rage, grief, despair, bitterness, pain-, until Mazinger-Z awoke, turned into a demon.

The results were And its pilot is Rei Ayanami, with the "zero" connection as above. Arguably an inversion, as she's well behind Shinji and Asuka. But on the other hand she is a vital part of the key to the destruction and rebirth of humanity Though if her collar in Rebuild of Evangelion is of any indication, Ayanami is only a cover name; her real designation is REI Which kinda defeats the purpose A villainous Zero is Mr.

A less villainous example is Vinsmoke Reiju Rei meaning zero in Japanese who helped her Sanji while his father and brothers abused him.

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Oddly, Zero seems out of place in the Pokemon anime. He's more Higurashi-ish then Pokemonish, minus the drastic murder. Though, he does cut it awful close several times throughout the movie. Zero's name is in contrast to his Spaceship Girl named Infi short for Infinity , and his former mentor Mugen, which in Japanese means infinity.

There's also Missingno. Could he perhaps have existed before any other Pokemon..? One of the Great Old Ones from dimensions yet ungrasped? Which may or may not be a nuclear bomb. It's also small, cute, and Legendary. The elder brother of the protagonist of Psychic Academy is a legendary aura user known as Zerodyme. Rurouni Kenshin : Saitou's "Gatotsu Zero" attack.

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His normal Gatotsu attack required momentum from running, jumping, etc. The "Zero" form was done from a standing position, giving the enemy no time to react, but because Saitou was such a great swordsman he did not sacrifice any power that way. Rei Kiriyama from 3-gatsu no Lion uses the kanji for zero and nothingness. This case is subverted in the sense that this hasn't been played for the Rule of Cool.

The story has yet to tell his parents' reasons for giving him the name. In fact, it just gives Kyoko more fuel to taunt him with.


Kyoko : "Your name is Rei? What a weird name!

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But it suits you No relatives. No school. No friends.

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Comic Books. The Batman villain Mr. Freeze was introduced in as Mr. Stryfe, Cable 's evil clone had a teleporting robot named Zero.

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The Constrictor doesn't understand the necessity of the rest of the team not knowing Mutant Zero's identity, but the point is that she kicks it hardcore. The very disappointing ending to the game convinces the character to go into space, where he encounters the Monolith and fulfills his true special destiny. Black Zero is an alternate, evil version of Superboy who kicked his super ass all around the court when they met. Not to be confused with the later "evil alternate Superboy" Superboy-Prime. Luthor referred to B-Zero as ' creature ' for most of the arc, but, in time, grew to care for him.

In this comic a young boy named David MacRae comes across a space crystal which latches on to his chest. The crystal allowed David to turn into a hero from space known as Hero Zero. As the website ComicVine describes him, he's a cross between Iron Man and Ultraman , since his power suit is similar to the former but he can grow his size and fight against giant monsters as the latter. Even he has a crossover issue in he fights against Godzilla noneless. The new-continuity Marvel Star Wars comics, starting with Star Wars: Darth Vader , have a major character named or Triple Zero, a sadistic, homicidally psychopathic assassin droid who looks and talks like a black protocol droid.

Evangelion : Rei pilots Unit 00, a super-advanced war plane. Okay, Cure Cipher in Puzzle Hunt Precure is themed after the code type of cipher — but the pun is still there, seeing as how her civilian name is Rei, which also means zero. There are agents in the James Bond books and films whose numbers start with "00" — indicating their "license to kill".

In Casino Royale , it's revealed that to become a Double-0, you need two kills on your record; it's possible the "00" is meant to represent those kills. Inverted with the villain of Casino Royale , Le Chiffre. The Grand Budapest Hotel : Zero Moustafa, the last owner of the Grand Budapest Hotel, who started his life as a humble lobby boy with "zero" experience. The assembled Hackers from Hackers have a group moment of awe when they find out that their friend Wade had once been the badass uber-hacker called Zero Cool.

Lord Nikon: "Zero Cool?